Letterman’s Plaza

Ohio State Buckeye baseball booster club – Columbus, OH

The Purpose

“This plaza project will represent the real ‘pillars’ of our program, our players. It will recognize every letter winner in our history, not just our champions or All-Americans, but everyone who suited up to represent Buckeye Nation and carved the path for all who follow. This ‘every man’ philosophy is important to me in our program today, and this plaza will be located right outside our locker room door for our players to see every day.” -Greg Beals, Head Baseball Coach, The Ohio State University

The Plaza

The Letter Winner’s Plaza will be constructed in the walking concourse of Bill Davis Stadium just outside the home locker room near the batting cages and team offices. Visitors and fans will be able to admire the accomplishments of so many while congregating there before and after games, and it will be a lighted area for family and friends to wait for players following games. The plaza will resemble a baseball diamond in the concrete with brick pavers outlining the base baths. There will be an iconic 20 ft. high sculpture resembling a bat at home plate. On each base, elevated panels will contain plaques with the names of past and future letter winners. There will be an outfield sitting wall with a four pole rising above it that will feature a donor recognition plaque honoring those who made this project possible.

The Project

The Buckeye Diamond Club with the full stupor and approval of the Ohio State University, the athletics department and Varsity “O,” has created this opportunity to appropriately recognize the pillars of the OSU baseball program – our past and future letter winners.


Artist Sculptures $26,450
Recognition Plaques $34,100
Electric (Lighting) $12,500
Architecture/Engineering Services $23,842
General Trades/Site work $46,026
Landscaping $9,265
Solicitation Expenses $6,827
Contingency $16,000
TOTAL $175,010
Total number of Letter winners 815
Cost per Letter winner $214.74

There are 1,188 places for names which gives ample room for decades of future letter winners.

The Pledge

We need your help to accomplish this project.  If you are not a letter winner and would like to make a donation, donors will be recognized on the donor recognition plaque.  If you are a letter winner, we encourage you to purchase a letter winner’s plaque for yourself, along with plaques for letter winners of the past, present and future.  Or, “pick up” a team and honor your full Buckeyes by bringing them home to Bill Davis Stadium.

Ohio State Buckeye baseball booster club – Columbus, OH
Ohio State Buckeye baseball booster club – Columbus, OH
Ohio State Buckeye baseball booster club – Columbus, OH